Washington Post Again Endorses Air Traffic Control Overhaul

Posted by #ModernSkies

The Washington Post could not have said it more clearly with this editorial headline: “The government should get out of the air traffic control business.

The Post’s editorial makes clear why the United States should move away from the government-managed approach:

“Countries are turning away from this statist model. Canada spun off its system, Nav Canada, in 1996, to a private entity funded by user fees. Britain privatized in 2000. Australia and New Zealand are also part of the movement; ditto Germany and Switzerland, lest anyone think it’s English-speaking nations only.”

If we want a more modern air traffic control system in the U.S., the only way to achieve that is through an independent, not-for-profit organization freed from the archaic procurement restrictions of the federal government and the endless budgetary battles.

The Post notes why the foreign models have worked so well:

“In all of these countries, safety and innovation have stayed the same or improved, which is not surprising, as the new model separates regulation from operation.”

This sensible approach will work well for Americans, too. It will help to reduce delays, improve efficiency, and fuel the economy – all while maintaining our nation’s enviable safety record.

What’s not to like about that? You may read the full editorial here.