Sen. Claire McCaskill: “We Are Ignoring A Serious Issue”

We know there are a lot of Senators who recognize that not including air traffic control reform in their version of the FAA Reauthorization is a missed opportunity. Sen. Claire McCaskill pointed this out to her colleagues on the Senate Commerce Committee, stating that she’s read the IG and GAO reports on the “dysfunction.” Here’s what Sen. McCaskill had to say:

“I just wanted to briefly put on the record, I have studied the IG and GAO reports on the dysfunction, on NextGen and we have a crisis on Air Traffic Control in this country in terms of how far behind we are. And I just want to urge the Chairman and the Ranking Member to continue to work on this. … I do know we are ignoring a serious issue in our air traffic and probably much more serious than cyber-attack and much more serious than many other issues that we are tackling in this reauthorization. So I just wanted to put on the record that I’m happy to work with anyone to try to move forward because as somebody who studies IG and GAO reports, it’s not a pretty picture right now. And we need to get busy and try to see if we can figure out a way forward.”

On behalf of the more than 2 million people flying everyday over the United States, we commend Sen. McCaskill and encourage her colleagues to listen to her sage counsel.