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Enhanced Safety

Safety is priority number one. The United States has the safest air traffic control system in the world and the implementation of available, state-of-the art technology will provide an additional, never-before-realized, margin of safety while enhancing performance.

When most people board an airplane in the United States, they don’t give even a moment’s thought to the safety of the flight. We take for granted that the flight will safely take off, navigate, and land at our destination.

We have an excellent safety record in this country—but we can do even better. For too long, the governance and infrastructure of the air traffic control system has been allowed to become outdated, hampered by faulty governance and political red tape.

The Problem: Our Skies Can Be Even Safer

Updating technology so air traffic controllers can take advantage of modern Global Positioning Systems (GPS) rather than World War II vintage radar will make it easier to manage the skies. Improved weather forecasting and reporting technologies are available for implementation to help reduce delays and increase safety.

The Solution: Update Technology with Reliable Financing

The FAA should focus on safety regulation while a new, independent not-for-profit organization invests in the future of aviation by modernizing ATC systems. Studies have shown that a division of responsibility leads to increased safety and greater efficiency.

By transferring air traffic control services to a new entity and funding it through equitable user fees, it will be removed from the politicized budget process and cumbersome procurement  policies and put on a financially stable foundation, ensuring that safety remains the top priority.

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