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Trump jumps into air traffic control fight

A proposal to separate air traffic control from the federal government has found its most powerful ally in President Trump.

But the contentious plan still faces a bumpy road in Congress, where some key Republicans remain opposed to the idea.

Proponents of the spinoff plan acknowledge that it’s going to take far more than just Trump’s stamp of approval, delivered in his budget proposal last week, to move the needle on the thorny issue.

They want to see Trump put some real muscle behind the proposal when it’s up for debate on Capitol Hill later this year, such as personally reaching out to members, talking about the issue in public and visiting countries such as Canada that already have a similar system in place.

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Outlet: The Hill
Author: Melanie Zanona
Type: Online
Date: March 3, 2017
Title: Trump’s transportation chief eyes Canada visit to explore private aviation system