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Rebuild U.S. infrastructure using economic reforms

While America’s postal services are antiquated, its air traffic control system is downright scary with its outdated technology. U.S. air traffic control does not use GPS. Flights are tracked via a patchwork of ground-based radar stations. Most planes are guided to their destinations in a series of zig-zags, flying from one control point to the next, wasting time and fuel.

The system desperately needs modernizing. Step one is to remove air traffic control from Federal Aviation Administration control and instead create an independent body dedicated to upgrading operations. Nav Canada, a nonprofit corporation created in 1996, offers a successful model.

The next step is to end air traffic control’s dependence on congressional appropriations and instead pay for it via user fees. Aviation customers, including large commercial airlines, would then pay directly for the services they require. This is the commercialization of air traffic control (again, not privatization). More than 50 countries, including Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand, have adopted this approach.

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Outlet: The Fredricksburg Free Lance-Star
Author: Rick Geddes
Type: Online
Date: Jan. 8, 2017
Title: Rebuild U.S. infrastructure using economic reforms