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NextGen’s Next Steps

The long term funding of FAA and the development and installation of the full suite of NextGen systems are at a nexis point.

While these issues appear separate, they are really inter-twined since the dissatisfaction of lawmakers about NextGen progress is one of the causes of the short term funding. Both lawmakers and private citizens are at a loss and wondering why private firms like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Google develop and install millions of lines of code and modifications every year, and the FAA is unable to install a working comprehensive Air Traffic Control system for over three decades. It is especially worrisome since New Zealand did it in 1987, dozens of countries have spun off air-traffic control services into some type of private or government-owned corporation, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia.

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Outlet: Metro Airport News
Author: Joseph Alba
Type: Online
Date: August 15, 2016
Title: NextGen’s Next Steps