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DOT Watchdog: FAA Not Yet Prepared for Mass ATC Outage

Despite efforts to improve emergency contingency procedures, the Department of Transportation Inspector General contends the FAA is still not completely prepared to handle events that could cause major outages, such as the fire that was deliberately set in the Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center in September 2014. The DOT IG stated that belief in a study the watchdog conducted at the behest of Congress on whether the FAA can manage air traffic control crises that arise within the National Airspace System.

In the new report, the DOT IG found that the “FAA has taken steps to improve the effectiveness of its operational contingency plans; however, significant work remains to mitigate the impact of air traffic control disruptions.” After the Chicago fire, the FAA updated its contingency plan with the goal of achieving 90 percent capacity at the top 30 airports within 24 hours of a major disruption, the DOT IG noted. “However, the FAA’s air traffic facilities are not yet fully prepared to respond effectively to major system disruptions, in part because of a lack of necessary controller training for these types of emergency events.”

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Outlet: AIN Online
Author: Kerry Lynch
Type: Online
Date: Jan. 17, 2017
Title: DOT Watchdog: FAA Not Yet Prepared for Mass ATC Outage