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Aviation Leaders Hope Trump Curbs Foreign Competitors, Privatizes Air Traffic

Aviation executives expect Trump administration support to block flights of Middle East airlines, shift air-traffic control to a private corporation from the Federal Aviation Administration and fund airport construction. …

“We’re very enthused about working with (Chao), but it’s just very premature,” Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said Thursday, who plans to spend more time in Washington over the next two months. “I think the bottom line is no, we don’t know anything specific yet, but we sure like what we hear so far.” …

“Clearly our primary objective is to modernize the air-traffic control system, which falls under infrastructure, which could have a huge benefit for aviation and the traveling public,” said Kelly of Southwest.

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Outlet: USA Today
Author: Bart Jansen
Type: Online
Date: Jan. 30, 2017
Title: Aviation leaders hope Trump curbs foreign competitors, privatizes air traffic