FAA Reforms Will Benefit General Aviation Community

Published by #ModernSkies

In an effort to derail the AIRR Act, advocates for the status quo would have you believe that the legislation would harm America’s valued general aviation community.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Modernizing the air traffic control infrastructure would help general aviators by providing a greater margin of safety and efficiency. Since most general aviation facilities in this country exist in smaller communities, outside of major airports, the current infrastructure often lags behind their big-city counterparts. The AIRR Act would free ATC managers from the Byzantine procurement rules of the FAA and introduce innovations that will improve the level of service for many in the general aviation sector.

Finally, some have tried to scare general aviators into believing this new system will cost them money. The truth is that noncommercial fliers will be exempt from the user fees under the AIRR Act and will continue to fund airport improvements the same way they always have via fuel taxes.

As the general aviation community continues to examine the AIRR Act, they will discover just how much it will benefit them and support America’s culture of flying.