Air Traffic Control Reform is the Most Exciting Way to Improve our Nation’s Infrastructure

Earlier this week, President Trump hosted a CEO Town Hall at the White House to discuss the American business climate. In the first panel of the day, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao and Gary Cohn, the Director of the National Economic Council, talked through the Administration’s path towards improving our national infrastructure. Reed Cordish, the assistant to the president for intergovernmental and technology initiatives moderated the conversation which included a number of important highlights, but perhaps the biggest takeaway was what Mr. Cohn had to say about air traffic control reform: “Air traffic control to me is probably the single most exciting thing we can do for a lot of reasons.”

Mr. Cohn laid out the reasons why ATC reform is a priority for this Administration. Not only are many other countries way ahead of the United States on this front, but this issue also impacts every state and every person in the country – whether they fly or not.

Check out the video below to hear Mr. Cohn’s full remarks on the importance of ATC reform and click here for the video of the full town hall event.

Gary Cohn CEO Townhall 4.4.17 from Airlines for America (A4A) on Vimeo.