5 Things You Need to Know About ATC Reform

Published By #ModernSkies

Former U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan wrote a piece in The Hill making a clear and compelling argument for air traffic control reform. He also outlines what ATC reform is not, despite what opponents are claiming. While serving in the Senate, he was the chairman of the Commerce Committee’s Aviation Subcommittee and most recently he co-chaired the ATC Reform project at the Eno Institute, which looked at how best to accelerate moving to a modern system. The Eno Institute project concluded that the best approach would be the creation of a “federally chartered, not-for-profit organization to manage a new, modern U.S. air traffic control system just as many other countries do today.”

The five things Sen. Dorgan makes clear about ATC reform are:

  1. It’s not privatization.
  2. Our ATC is the safest in the world, but that doesn’t mean it can’t improve.
  3. The way the current system is funded and run is broken.
  4. Independence from the FAA would strengthen ATC.
  5. NextGen needs a way forward.

As Dorgan wrote, “Getting this right will advance U.S. leadership in aviation while making the safest air travel system in the world even better: more choices, more direct trips, lower fuel consumption and reduced air emissions.”

Read the full piece here. It’s a quick and educational read.